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Request for Proposal:
Community Art Gallery Operator



The Fox Community Culture Fund is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced organizations/individuals to operate a rent-free art gallery in Pomona Arts Colony in downtown Pomona, CA. The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to select an operator who can curate engaging exhibitions and events, promote the local art scene, and foster community participation in the arts.



In the 1960s and 1970s, downtown Pomona was largely abandoned. What was once a bustling business district turned into block after block of empty storefronts, deserted offices, and crumbling historic buildings. In 1977, artists from the nearby Claremont Colleges started to turn some of these vacant buildings into studios where they could live and pursue their craft. By the1990s, their efforts had become such a force for revitalizing downtown that the city of Pomona rezoned dozens of blocks for cultural-themed development.


The Pomona Arts Colony has continued to grow organically ever since. There is a loft scene housing hundreds of creatives, educators, and entrepreneurs. This is a music scene with legendary venues like the Haven, the Glass House, and the Fox Theater. There are nightclubs, restaurants, breweries, and quirky boutiques. The neighborhood even has two art anchors now, the American Museum of Ceramic Art and the School of Arts and Enterprise.


The Opportunity

Several of the galleries in downtown Pomona are in buildings owned by Arteco Partners, a hometown developer and leading force behind the Arts Colony. As part of its commitment to cultural development, Arteco has donated several gallery spaces rent-free to organizations that have turned them into vibrant art venues. One such organization is the Latin American Museum, which has been a vibrant part of downtown Pomona for two decades.


Tragically, the Museum lost its founder and Executive Director during the pandemic, and it has struggled to resume regular operations. In light of this, Arteco has teamed up with local arts advocacy organization, the Fox Community Culture Fund (FCCF), to look for a new operator fora significant portion of the space. The Museum hopes to remain active but recognizes the need for fresh energy and programming, and looks forward to collaborating with a new operator.


The Space

The Museum space is located in the basement of the historic Founders Building in downtown Pomona at 281 S. Thomas St. The building has space for gallery signage, a ground-floor lobby, an elevator, and restrooms. The basement is roughly divided in half, with separate entrances for the North Gallery and the South Gallery. Both galleries have an open floor plan with 9-foot-high ceilings. All surfaces are industrial in character (e.g., concrete, plaster, and bricks).


The North Gallery is approximately xxxx square feet. It has one unique feature: a double-volume boiler room that has been turned into a space for installation art. The South Gallery is approximately xxxx square feet. Both galleries have access to an outdoor patio for events, receptions, and additional exhibition space. Please see the attached floor plan, pictures of the space, examples of shows that have taken place in other spaces provided by Arteco Partners, and baseline overhead of the space.


Types of Respondents

As an organization dedicated to nurturing emerging artists and creative organizations, FCCF is open to a wide range of potential operators for the space. It is open to working with large, established organizations (e.g., university art departments), established community arts nonprofits (both local and regional), nonprofit startups, artist collaboratives, and arts entrepreneurs (both for-profit ventures and passion projects). FCCF is also open to working with organizations that are in transition, for example, evolving from a volunteer collective into a formal nonprofit, or a joint proposal submitted by multiple entities. In short, diverse and nontraditional proposals are welcomed.


On a related note, the FCCF will remain a longtime resource for the selected operator of the gallery. Its board represents a wide range of creative disciplines and organizations with deep ties to the Pomona Arts Colony and the larger creative community. Collectively, its board members have decades of local experience and working relationships with civic organizations, arts organizations, and practicing creatives.


Scope of Services

The selected operator will be responsible for the following capabilities and deliverables:

Exhibition and Curation: Curate and present high-quality exhibitions that showcase the creative talents of local and regional artists who work with a diverse range of artistic styles and mediums.

Gallery Calendar: Gallery programming should be year-round, with a series of monthly or multi-month exhibitions. There is no limit on the number of shows or art activities that are presented.

Community Outreach and Engagement: Develop an outreach program to engage the local community and expand the role of the arts in Pomona. Collaborate or coordinate with other organizations in the Pomona Arts Colony.

Gallery Operations: Manage all aspects of gallery operations, including regular opening hours, staffing, hanging shows, managing sales, etc. similar type experience

Promotion: Promote the gallery through creative and sustained marketing. Actively engage with local journalists, regional media outlets, and social media platforms to increase awareness of the gallery and attendance at its events.

Duration: The operation agreement shall last at least one year, with multi-year commitments preferred. The final terms are to be negotiated between the two parties.


Qualifications and Experience

We are looking for an operator with the following qualifications and experience:

Experience in Art Gallery Management: Demonstrated experience in managing an art gallery, cultural venue, or community programming space. Skills should include engaging with artists, developing exhibitions, marketing the arts, and fundraising/revenue generation for the arts.

Art Scene Expertise: A strong understanding of the local and regional art scene, emerging trends in the arts, collaboration with arts organizations, and the challenges creatives face.

Community Engagement Skills: Proven ability to connect with diverse communities, nurture an inclusive environment for underrepresented voices, and build collaborations with institutions, such as other galleries and universities.


Goals and Objectives

The selected operator will be expected to achieve the following goals and objectives:

Regular Opening Hours: Establish regular hours to open the gallery to the public, ensuring accessibility for all. Traditional 9 to 5 hours are not required. However, the gallery should have some, consistent open hours, 3–4 days a week, and especially on second and fourth Saturdays.

Increase Community Participation: Develop and implement initiatives that encourage community members to actively participate in the arts, such as workshops, open calls, and community art projects.

Promote Local Artists: Showcase and promote the work of local artists, providing a platform for their creativity and talent to be recognized and appreciated.

Collaboration with Other Galleries and Arts Organizations: Foster collaborations and partnerships with other galleries and arts organizations to create a vibrant and connected arts community.

Support Emerging and Established Artists: Provide opportunities and support for both emerging and established artists, ensuring a diverse range of voices and perspectives are represented.

Participate in the monthly Second Saturday Art Walk: Actively participate in the Second Saturday Monthly Art Walk, contributing to the overall artistic vibrancy of the Pomona Arts Colony.

Curation: Strive to set a high standard for the caliber of work and the quality of the presentation of the art.


Budget and Financial Considerations

The selected operator will operate the gallery under the following financial considerations:

Gallery Rent: The gallery space will be provided rent-free to the operator.

Revenue: The gallery operator will retain all proceeds from sales, events, and sponsorships.

Expenses: The gallery operator will be responsible for covering expenses such as exhibition costs, electricity, Common Area Maintenance (CAM), insurance, and staffing.


Proposal Timeline

The timeline for the RFP process is as follows:

RFP Release Date: April 15, 2024

Site Visits: upon request between April 15 and May 15, 2024

Proposal Submission Deadline: June 1, 2024

Evaluation Period: 30 days

All proposals will be evaluated by the board of the Fox Community Culture Fund. Finalists may be invited for an in-person interview. A final selection will be a joint decision of the FCCF and Arteco Partners.

Selection and Notification: July 15, 2024

Public Announcement: TBD


Proposal Submission

Interested parties should submit their proposals by the specified deadline. The proposal should include a detailed plan outlining how the operator intends to meet the goals and objectives outlined in this RFP. The following structure is recommended:

Type of applicant (e.g., 501(c)(3) nonprofit, private incorporated enterprise, unincorporated artist collaborative, individual proprietorship, etc.)

Proposed gallery name

Draft gallery mission statement including, for example, the type of media to be exhibited, type of artist to be featured, and role in the larger arts community

A list of proposed programming (a sample calendar of potential activities is appreciated)

Sample budget and financial strategy to meet goals

Background and skill set of key individuals Examples of relevant past work


Proposed timeline to launch gallery operations


Contact Information

For inquiries or to submit a proposal, please contact:

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

Fox Community Culture Fund on behalf of Arteco Partners

191 W. 4th St., Pomona, CA 91766

[Email Address]

[Phone Number]



We look forward to receiving your proposals and selecting a qualified operator who shares our passion for the arts and community engagement. Together, let's create a vibrant and inclusive art space for all.


Fox Community Culture Fund

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